Self Protection & Handcuff Training for Staff Or Individuals
Self Protection & Handcuff Training for Staff Or Individuals

Breakaway Training

Breakaway Training is quite simply breaking away or disengaging yourself from being attacked, grabbed or held against your will.


This training is tailored to the client's specific needs as the course can be provided to healthcare professional's whose client's could grab them with no malicious intent or by client's who are intent on causing the member of staff harm.


The Training provided for both instances is split into two halves, the staff receive interactive training on legislation, de-escalation, conflict management, reasonable force and proportionate response followed by the practical / physical skills to breakaway from being grabbed, having hair pulled, being bitten, strangled etc.


The skills taught are easy to learn, remember and are proportionate, employees are often surprised by how easy it is and with what limited force they can breakaway from being grabbed. 


Throughout the training your employees are taught and are reminded what is 'reasonable' as this is how the law expects everyone to protect themselves.  


Looking after employees and providing them with the skills to be able to safely breakaway from anyone holding them or harming them is essential in fullfilling the duty of care that employer's have towards their staff.


COST: £60 per person (minimum charge of £480) maximum 12 delegates.


To arrange a short meeting when I can show you some of the valuable skills I can deliver to your employees give me a call on 07837891201.

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