Self Protection & Handcuff Training for Staff Or Individuals
Self Protection & Handcuff Training for Staff Or Individuals

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I am going to cover a subject which many people are subjected to and all too frequently the result is catastrophic, what have these people been subjected to I hear you ask..

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If you watch, listen or read the news you cannot help and notice that violent crime seems to be on the increase, burglaries definitely are so this is aimed at reminding you of things we should be doing but due to complacency we forget to do and maybe give you some ideas that you hadn’t thought about.

A layered approach to home security is exactly that, imagine an onion that you have cut across the middle leaving you looking at the rings of an onion, now imagine this, the very centre ‘Strong Room’ is typically a bedroom and the outer rings are the outside perimeter of your house and gardens etc. Read More.

The problem with a ‘No Touch Policy’

Many service providers adopt a ‘No Touch Policy’ when staff are to dealing with violent / aggressive service users and quite frankly I find it incredible that it is allowed.

Let me be frank, legislation governing use of force / self defence is applicable the length and breadth of England ..Read More..

The problem with prone restraint?

Restraining someone in the prone position has over the years in several cases been cited as a contributory factor towards someone’s death, so is prone restraint safe and should we be using it? Read More


Question: should you run from an attacker? If you can then YES!!!

Many crimes are committed by our threats (attackers) following the method set out below;

“Come with me / us, do as your told and you won’t get hurt!!”


Who in the cold light of day believes that if you went with them you wouldn’t get hurt? It is almost guaranteed that if an attacker says “come with me” then worse things are going to happen to you. Ask yourself WHY does this person want me to go with them to a secondary crime scene. Read More


Head Hunting

How many times in films, on TV and on a night out have you seen a fight, usually one of the first things that happens is that punches are aimed at the other persons head, from a self defence / personal protection viewpoint this is a very flawed response to being attacked so let me explain why. Read More

Target Hardening


What springs to mind when you hear the term 'Self Defence'? let me guess people carrying on like Bruce Lee, Steven Seagal or even Hong Kong Phooey. Am i right?

Self Defence starts way before any physical altercation takes place, being physically attacked can be prevented by many methods using physical defence techniques really is the last resort and if we have to resort to these skills something has broken down prior to this, the first breakdown is:-

Target Hardening...

The first step in self defence is to not look like a victim Read More

You Are Being Interviewed to be a Victim of Crime.

Every day we go about our business and at some point we will have been interviewed, the scary thing is you might not even know it!!

Your walking down the street and we all know that the very same streets may have criminal's of varying kinds 'working' on them, you can decide whether it's a street robber, rapist, pick pocket etc, you think it and they will exist somewhere. I have stated in earlier posts that Criminal's usually have a set pattern on how they prefer to carry out their work, they want the least amount of publicity, hassle and injury to them. Read More

Security Staff and Handcuffs


Firstly let me clarify that currently in the UK anyone can purchase, carry and use handcuffs, however if used inappropriately the application of handcuffs may be unlawful and subsequently mean that the person applying the handcuffs may break the law and leave them liable to prosecution. Read More

Violence of Action


A few days ago whilst watching a documentary a turn of phrase about a response to an event struck a chord, I realised that although the documentary was about a sniper walking into an ambush and the action he took, the action (minus the pistol’s) is what I instill in my learners. Read More

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