Self Protection & Handcuff Training for Staff Or Individuals
Self Protection & Handcuff Training for Staff Or Individuals
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It is a sad reflection of society that aggression and violence has become common place, services in place to protect citizen's and communities are stretched to the maximum so there is only one person who is responsible to ensure your safety...YOU...


I offer personal tuition in realistic Practical Self Defence Training for just £20 per hour whether it is just you or a group of friends or colleagues (max 4)


Train in the privacy of your own home or at my training area (at my discretion).


Like any skill the more it is practiced the more proficient you will be at the time when you need to be, it is your choice how often you want to train however speaking from experience repetition is key for effective retention of new skills so i would advise that at least 4 hours be taken either in one block or over a couple of sessions.

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