Self Protection & Handcuff Training for Staff Or Individuals
Self Protection & Handcuff Training for Staff Or Individuals


'I have trained in various forms of martial arts over the years - karate, Ju Jitsu, BJJ, Krav Maga and obviously I have got to know a lot of Instructor's. What can I say about Neil? He is one of the best, not only does he talk the talk, he has walked the walk, he isn't one of these fly by night's who has read a book and decided to be an Instructor. Neil was one of my C&R Instructor's, but not only that he has been with me on the front line. He knows his stuff and he has hands on proof that it works. His teaching techniques are easy to understand, even for someone with no experience and he runs his classes in a way that everyone will enjoy. You will feel that you have learned something from day one. If you are thinking of doing some kind of personal protection training you need to go to Neil, you will not regret your decision' - Steve B. Lancashire


"As a member of HM Prison Service Neil was part of an invaluable small team with a huge responsibility. Neil was involved in the training of new and established staff in Control and Restraint and how to deal with some of the most violent people held within our penal system. As Neil has now set up alone who better than a person with this experience to teach you or your staff some conflict resolution and personal safety" - Sean G. Leicester.


"I had the pleasure of knowing Neil in both a professional and social capacity over many years whilst working for the Prison Service in the North West Region.

  I recall many occasions in my capacity as operational manager when Neil's expertise in control and restraint and use of force techniques saved many prisoner's and staff from serious injuries. Neil was a valuable resource I was able to call upon to contain and resolve numerous and regular potentially violent and dangerous operational incidents and possessed the high level of skills required to bring most incident's to a safe and controlled final outcome.

  I also witnessed Neil's training techniques whilst attending my annual mandatory Control and Restraint Refresher courses. Neil made the training both enjoyable and fun, but most importantly safe and informative.

  Neil is a great person to be around when the pressure is on and shows great composure and communication skills when needed, he is also a first class trainer and instructor with many years of devoted and loyal service. Highly recommended for any type of training or instruction tutoring."

Gary B. - Gloucester


'I have been trained by Neil on several occasions. I have always enjoyed his classes. Neil's teaching method is delivered with professionalism whilst always maintaining a relaxed and informal approach allowing me to feel totally relaxed and confident in his teaching, this approach has enabled me to learn with ease all the necessary skills required' - Carol F. Lancashire


'During my career I had on occasions the pleasure to work with Neil Jeffrey, in his role as a Control & Restraint Instructor Neil's courses were always informative, intuitive and entertaining, held in a relaxed atmosphere. Although the classes included all grades of staff Neil insisted that everyone respect each other and that rank played no part in the course, Neil's task was to refresh us on techniques, it takes skill to keep a group of individual's focussed and informed on the matter, this is no mean feat when dealing with staff that believed that their time could be employed more productively, It has been a pleasure to be taught by Neil Jeffrey and I would like to thank him for the times that he did just that' - David D. Lancashire


'Having been trained by Neil Jeffrey for both Control and Restraint and self defence I have always found him to be approachable, knowledgeable but most importantly he has an ability to deliver accurate training whilst being able to make the sessions enjoyable and a benefit to all the people on the course which is quite hard to do, I would have no hesitation in recommending Neil as a trainer as his knowledge and teaching style is of the highest standard' - Craig B. Lancashire


'A fantastic tutor, always made me feel relaxed and helped build confidence during our sessions, he showed wonderful patience to those that found things a little difficult to pick up straight away! I would certainly recommend Neil as an Instructor...A true professional' - Laura G. Lancashire


'During my 25 years as a Prison Officer I was required to undertake Control & Restraint training annually, for the latter part of my service the training was delivered on several occasions by Neil Jeffrey. Thoroughly professional in his teaching methods Neil always found the right balance between accurate delivery of the training along with a sense of humour and fun. This approach turned what could have been viewed as a boring chore into an enjoyable and informative days training, I would thoroughly recommend Neil for this type of training' - Steve M. Lancashire


'I have been fortunate to receive training several times from Neil Jeffrey for both Control & Restraint and Personal Protection, his depth of knowledge is exceptional, the way Neil deliver's the training is focussed on ensuring that his knowledge of skills is transferred to the learner's in an effective and enjoyable manner. Neil goes the extra mile to ensure that everyone who attends his training gets the very most from the training and leaves with valuable, effective skills. I would recommend Neil to deliver personal Protection and Control & Restraint training to anyone, even friends and family' - James J. Lancashire


'I have known Neil for several years working together for the Prison Service, He was a first class officer, in addition to being an excellent Control & Restraint trainer, I was subject to Neil's training during many an annual refresher and his knowledge of the subject is excellent, he patiently worked staff through each move methodically, respecting that each person may have had a different learning pace. He always ensured that each individual had confidence in whichever move was being practiced before moving on. Neil is a consummate professional but whenever possible injected a bit of humour into the sessions, but never lost sight of the absolute seriousness of the training that was being done. This always enhanced the value and enjoyment of the training. I would not hesitate in highly recommending Neil's skills and ability to anyone' - Darrell S. Lancashire


'I have had the privilege of being taught by Neil and also working alongside him. His teaching style is just as effective as the techniques he uses. Neil believes in what he teaches, his passion and dedication are only rivalled by his knowledge and ability' - Pete S. Lancashire


'Neil is a likeable guy, who is both knowledgeable and passionate about his work. The course was delivered in a clear and concise way, with Neil being fully open to discuss any questions that arose at the time. My daughter and I had fun, learning skills that hopefully we never have to use, but with confidence that should the need arise, we would be in a position to put to work what we learned. I would have no hesitation in recommending Neil to friends or family members.' - Mark J. Blackburn

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